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Why is Bhaiya Dooj Celebrated?

Bhai Dooj in India, is celebrated on the 3th day of the Diwali festival, which falls on a new moon night.
The name 'Dooj' means the second day after the new moon, the day of the festival, and 'Bhai' means brother.
This day is special amongst brothers and sisters and is observed as a symbol of love and affection.

Bhai Dooj in India is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Married women start visiting their parents' place early in the morning to greet their brothers.
Sisters apply vermilion on their brothers' forehead and wish them long life. The festival falls on the second day after Diwali which was celebrated all over the country.
After the rituals, brothers give gifts to their sisters.

Regional names of Bhaiya Dooj :

Bhai Phota
Bhathru Dwithiya
Bhatri Ditya

Traditionally the sister applies tilak with vermilion on her brother's forehead and performs on aarti of him, wishing him a long and successful life.
In return, the brother blesses his sister and offers her sweets and gifts. Every brother eagerly awaits this occasion that reinforces the bond between brothers and sisters and their affectionate relationship.

It's believed that on this day, Yamaraj, the Lord of Death visits his sister Yami, who puts the auspicious mark on his forehead and prays for his well being.
So it's held that anyone who receives a tilak from his sister on this day would never be hurled into hell.
As per another legend, on this day, Lord Krishna, after slaying the Narakasura demon, goes to his sister Subhadra who welcomes him the lamp, flowers and sweets, and puts the holy protective spot on her brother's forehead.
Since then, women have been revered during Bhai Dooj.

Bhaiya Dooj Gifts :

Bhai Dooj festival is an opportunity for brothers to have a good feast at the sister's place, and in return shower her with perfect Bhai Dooj gifts. Bhai dooj 2020 will be an occasion of merriment in every Indian household, so send gifts on bhai dooj to your sibling. The provision of sending Bhaubeej Gifts Online has reduced the distance between brothers and sister.
Bhai dooj Gift hampers can be send online to anywhere in the world.




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