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Cane & Bamboo Handicrafts


Cane / Bamboo handicrafts is light in weight & stylish. Come with an added feature of environment friendliness & offer good alternatives. These substitutes are also high in matters of artistic appeal, cost-effectiveness and most importantly are eco-friendly. Owing to these reasons there is an upsurge in the demand, and are acknowledged to be among the best, due to their beauty, elegance and exquisite designs.

Lamp shades made of fine strips of cane & bamboo add distinct touch and glamour to the living room. Exhibiting a rare combination of tradition and talent, there products would brighten up the interiors demonstrating the taste and feeling of the connoisseurs. The supply capacity is much less for the exquisite item.

Baskets knitted out of Cane & Bamboo Strips, offer a whole range of products . Exquisite tray Planters, Fruit Baskets of different shapes, sizes, pattern and designs as a rare combination of art and utility. A wide range of baskets and baskets with divisions are being used for making gift packages with some traditional artistic touches by the consumers.

Mat and mat articles, bamboo chatai etc. have good demand in the market. There are different types of roll mats weaved in multicolored designs which are familiar for making door & window screen, and also have various uses for room decoration.

Amongst the Mat articles ladies bag, Hand fans, Portfolio bag etc. are the most popular items.

On the consoetic table as well, there are quite a number of items to present. Some of those are small framed mirror, Hair Clips, Powder Case, Decorative Trays etc.

Bamboo and cane Ornaments are also very intricate and exquisite in nature.

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