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About Rakhi / Rakshabandhan

On the occasion of this festival sisters generally apply tilak to the forehead of their brothers, tie the sacred thread called Rakhi to the wrist of their brothers and do arati and pray for their good health & long life. This thread, which represents love and sublime sentiments, is called the ‘Raksha Bandhan’ means ‘a bond of protection’. The brother in return offers a gift to his sister and vows to look after her. Rakhi Celebration ( knot of protection ) in India stands for the sacred relation between a brother and a sister. It is the special festival of brother and sister. We offer online gifting experience on the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan, people of all age group can realize the actual value of having their own brother and sister in their life. The bond of love between a brother and a sister is one of the the most beautiful relation on this earth. This festival brings in the feeling of strong and divine relationship among siblings. Rakhi celebration strengthens the affectionate relationship and love among them.

On this auspicious day, sisters tie a Rakhi / Raksha Bandhan around the wrist of their brothers and wish them to remain free from any evil influence throughout their lives. In turn, brothers also promise to protect their sisters from any odd situation at any cost. Apt occasion, for online gifts and sweets for your dear ones.

According to the Indian tradition, the Rakhis ( Holy Thread ) and sweets ( Methai ) are prepared long before the Shravana Purnima. , the family members get ready for the rituals early in the morning. They take a bath to purify mind and body before starting preparations. Sisters prepare the puja thali which consists of roli, tikka, Rakhi threads, rice, aggarbattis (incense sticks), diyas and sweets. After offering the rituals to the deities of the family, the sister perform aarti of their brothers and ties Rakhi on their wrist. and put kumkum powder on the forehead of their brother and offer sweets.

Rakhi Card

Stories behind reason for celebrating Raksha Bandhan

Indra and Indrani
Turns out, Raksha Bandhan wasn't just meant as a symbol of sibling love, as is illustrated by the story of Indra and Indrani. During a war between Gods and demons, wherein Indra was losing to King Bali, Indra's wife Indrani prayed to Lord Vishnu, who gave her a holy thread which she tied around Indra's wrist. Blessed with its powers, Indra won the war and the thread became his protection against any evil.
Krishna and Draupadi
It's said that after Lord Krishna hurt his index finger while hurling the Sudharshan Chakra at Shishupala, Draupadi tore her saree immediately and tied it around Krishna's finger to prevent it from bleeding. Touched by her unconditional love, Krishna took the mantle of Draupadi's care and protection upon himself.
Queen Kunti and Abhimanyu
Queen Kunti is said to have tied a sacred thread as a measure of protection, on the wrist of her grandson, Abhimanyu--the son of Subhadra and Arjun--during the battle of Mahabharata.
King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi
Lord Vishnu disguising himself as the doorman of King Bali--the grandson of Vishnu's ardent devotee Prahlada--Goddess Lakshmi became restless because of his absence in Vaikuntha (their abode). She came to earth in the guise of a Brahmin woman and told Bali, the story of her husband having gone away for some work, due to which she requested for shelter from the King. Bali not only gave her a place to stay, but also took care of her. It's said that on the full moon day (Purnima) of the Shravana month, she tied a thread around Bali's wrist with prayers for his protection and happiness. Touched by her affection, Bali granted her a wish. She requested him to free her husband, the gatekeeper. The incident had Bali confused as he couldn't envision the lady as the doorman's wife. It's then that both Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi revealed their true selves to the King, who urged Vishnu to return with the Goddess to Vaikuntha. The festival is also known Baleva.
Santoshi Maa
On seeing Lord Ganesha celebrate Rakhi with his sister, his sons Shubh and Labh started insisting upon a sister, leading to the creation of Santoshi Maa, from the flames that emerged from his consorts, Riddhi and Siddhi.
Alexander the Great's wife Roxana and King Porus
During Alexander the Great's invasion of India in 326 BCE, his wife Roxana sent a sacred thread to Porus, requesting him not to harm her husband in battle. It's believed that on the battlefield, the thread on his wrist was a constant reminder of his promise to Roxana, preventing him from attacking Alexander directly.
Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun
Rani Karnavati--the widowed queen of Chittor--is said to have sent a rakhi to Mughal Emperor Humayun, upon the looming threat of invasion from the Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah. Though Humayun turned up too late, it's no secret that he honored the sentiment with which it was sent.
Yama and Yamuna
Yamuna was the sister of Lord Yama, the God of death. On every "Shravan Purnima", Yamuna used to tie a sacred thread (Rakhi) to Lord Yama. Since then, it has become a tradition for sisters to tie Rakhi to their brothers on this day. In return, the brothers bestow blessings on their sisters and promise to protect them all the problems and difficulties that they might ever face.


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Striking Colors Rakhi Lumba Set - AUSTRALIA Delivery Only

Striking Colors Rakhi Lumba Set -...

For special bond between a brother and sister, we present a special rakhi lumba set at yours. Embellished with beautiful mix colors like yellow, orange and red threads and yellow white color beads on hangings. It is one of the best rakhi lumba set and a very limited stock. So, order soon with chocolates and dry fruits to add excitement to rakhi surprise. For delivery in Australia only FREE shipping anywhere in Australia FREE Bangle with Lumba FREE Rakhi Greeting Card + Tikka ( Roli ) ...
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Exclusive wooden Puja thali with Soan Papdi 250grm - UAE Only

Exclusive wooden Puja thali with Soan...

Exclusive wooden thali decorated with shimmering stones of different colors and a peacock pasted on thali giving an elegant look. It has two wooden katoris for roli and chawal. Order this exquisite rakhi thali on this Raksha Bandhan.   Size:- 6" Puja Thali Haldiram's Soan Papdi:- 250 grm.       This Rakhi Gift is accompanied with a Rakhi of your choice. Please scroll up to see them and select one of your choice.     FOR DELIVERY IN UAE ONLY FREE...
Rs.2,075.00/-... more info
White Metal Dry Fruits Box - UK Delivery Only

White Metal Dry Fruits Box - UK...

White metal meenakari dry fruit box. Size 7 "x 7" x 2". Having Kaju-100gms. Kismis-100gms. Almond-100gms. Pista-100gms.     FOR DELIVERY IN UK ONLY FREE Shipping in UK FREE Greeting Card FREE Fancy Rakhi, Roli Tikka Chawal & Nariyal Delivery would take 3 working days Shipping country India
Rs.3,550.00/-... more info
Divine Ganesh Ji Rakhi - FSW

Divine Ganesh Ji Rakhi - FSW

  Rakhi shares all the love and care for your brother with its beautiful work. This divine rakhi is glorifying in its beauty with the work of resham thread, zardosi work, translucent crystals. The thread at both the ends is also intruded with metal beads and carved beads..     Product delivery normally takes 15 working days. But due to COVID 19  it may take more time we will not be responceble for delay .  > The products shown is available for WORLDWIDE...
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Blissful Rakhi Thread - UK Delivery Only

Blissful Rakhi Thread - UK Delivery...

Get this rakhi for your brother who loves things which are sober yet stylish. This thread is intruded with a red glass bead and designer bugles. For delivery in UK only FREE shipping anywhere in UK FREE Rakhi Greeting Card + Tikka ( Roli + Chawal ) FREE A 5 Star Cadbury Chocolate Delivery would take 3 working days
Rs.1,445.00/-... more info
Fancy Dora Bracelet - Add On

Fancy Dora Bracelet - Add On

For your pretty baby sister get this fancy dora Rakhi on a velvet base. The bracelet is grafted with colourful beads. > This is an Add-On product and can be bought only if you buy atleast one 'non Add-On' product with it from our Rakhi Section. > If an Add-On product is ordered for separately then your order will be cancelled. > Can be bought for delivery in India or any other country > You can add any number of Add-Ons as you like > This Add-On section is to save you from the cost of...
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Hamper - 11063 - India Delivery Only

Hamper - 11063 - India Delivery Only

This hamper includes : ● Brass Puja Thali. ● Haldiram's / Bikano Rasgulla. 1 kg.   This Rakhi Gift is accompanied with a Rakhi of your choice. Please scroll up to see them and select one of your choice.   > For delivery all over the India > Free shipping in India > FREE Rakhi Greeting Card + Fancy Rakhi + Nariyal + Tikka ( Roli + Chawal ) > Nicely packed in a gift box > Delivery within 2-3 working days in India
Rs.995.00/-... more info
A Zardosi Lumba - UK Delivery Only

A Zardosi Lumba - UK Delivery Only

A zardosi lumba made of golden zardosi work, colourful moti, colourful moti, american diamond and red-blue resham thread. Send this beautiful big lumba to your bhabhi on this rakshabandhan. For delivery all over the UK FREE shipping in UK FREE Bangle with Lumba FREE Rakhi Greeting Card + Tikka ( Roli + Chawal ) FREE A 5 Star Cadbury Chocolate Delivery would take 3 working days Shipping country : India
Rs.1,630.00/-... more info


IGM is a complete Shop for Rakhi Gifts in India & Other Countries

Raksha Bandhan Thread Ceremony Time - 19:10 to 21:17 IST ( 07:10 p.m. to 09:17 p.m. IST )

Aparahan Muhurat - 13:47 to 16:28 IST ( 01:47 PM to 04:28 PM IST)
Purnima Tithi Begins - 09:28 PM IST (02th August - 2020)
Purnima Tithi Ends - 9:28 PM IST (03rd August - 2020)

Raksha Bandhan is a festival which ritually celebrates the love and duty between brothers and their sisters. India Gifts Mall brings out a good collection of Rakhi for deliveries in India & abroad. Send your love & care through our gifts which can be delivered worldwide.

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