Artificial Jewellery

We offer a wide range of fashion artificial jewellery, which are exquisitely crafted using finely finished beads, precious and semi-precious stones. Available in various shades, colors and shapes, our fashion artificial jewellery goes with any type of attire. Moreover, our range can also be customized in terms of design, size and length.


Necklace 10188
Rs.540.00/-  Rs.495.00/-
Save: 8% off
Fancy Bracelets - 11139
Rs.595.00/-  Rs.495.00/-
Save: 17% off
Necklace - ak - 11558
Rs.655.00/-  Rs.555.00/-
Save: 15% off
Wooden Necklace 10190
Rs.640.00/-  Rs.540.00/-
Save: 16% off
Necklace Set 5
Rs.395.00/-  Rs.295.00/-
Save: 25% off
Diamond Ring - ak-11535
Rs.895.00/-  Rs.790.00/-
Save: 12% off
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