Floral arrangements do not need a particular occasion or a particular venue. However, not all flowers are considered suitable for all occasions. Flowers have inherent symbolism in them, where each flower tells a different story than the other. For example the significance of lotus is different from that of rose. Again, within the same family of flowers, take for instance rose, a yellow rose tells a different story than what a red rose would. 

It is, therefore, necessary for you to know the occasion very well, to understand it and base your choice of flower gifts on the demands of that particular occasion. For instance, if you take red flowers they will be as gladly accepted in a marriage anniversary & Birthday. However, it is not a matter of encoding but a matter of conditioning. You can easily understand which flowers gifts will be suited for which occasion just by looking at them. Such is the power of flowers! Therefore, if you want to express, do it flowers. We deliver Flowers worldwide, contact us for details.

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18 Red Roses - India Delivery Only
Rs.525.00/-  Rs.475.00/-
Save: 10% off
Two Dozen Red Roses Bouquet - India Delivery
Rs.775.00/-  Rs.695.00/-
Save: 10% off
12 Red Roses - India Delivery Only
Rs.399.00/-  Rs.339.00/-
Save: 15% off
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