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Send Bhai Dooj Tikka & Gifts to Canada

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Send Bhai Dooj Thali Gifts to Canada


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Lord Ganesh Pooja Thali & Celebrations 10612 - Canada Delivery

Lord Ganesh Pooja Thali & Celebrations...

This Puja Thali Hamper includes the following : Ganesh Puja thali with cone hand work having katori dibiya & diya, size : 6" Cadbury Celebrations 126 gms. Roli Tikka, Chawal & Nariyal. FOR DELIVERY ALL OVER THE CANADA FREE Shipping in Canada only FREE Archies Greeting Card Delivery within 3 - 7 working days
Rs.3,934.00/- Buy Now 
Brass Puja Thali With Soanpapdi 500g - Canada Delivery

Brass Puja Thali With Soanpapdi 500g -...

This puja thali hamper includes the following : A 10" Brass Designer Thali with Om design on it 500 gms. Haldiram's Desi Ghee Soan Papdi Roli, Chawal & a small shagun Nariyal       FOR DELIVERY ALL OVER THE CANADA FREE Shipping in Canada only FREE Archies Greeting Card Delivery within 3 - 7 working days      
Rs.3,950.00/- Buy Now 
Lord Ganesh Marble Puja Thali - Canada Delivery Only

Lord Ganesh Marble Puja Thali - Canada ...

Lord Ganesh designer Meenakari pooja thali with roli chawal "Tikka" and Nariyal. Greeting card with your message. Packed in a gift box.   FOR DELIVERY ALL OVER THE CANADA FREE Shipping in CANADA FREE Greeting Card FREE Roli Tikka Chawal & Nariyal Delivery within 3 - 7 working days
Rs.3,964.00/- Buy Now 


Bhai Dooj is a favorite festival of Hindus and has a place, in the hearts of brothers and sisters in India. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the bonds of love and security between brothers and sisters. As families come together to honor this event, exchanging gifts plays a role in showing love and strengthening the bond of brotherhood.

If you have a brother residing in Canada and you want to make Bhai Dooj truly unforgettable consider sending him a Bhai Dooj gift. The Bhai Dooj Thali is a platter adorned with decorations and filled with auspicious items. It carries symbolic value making it an ideal choice for a meaningful and sophisticated gift.

Here's why sending Bhai Dooj Thali gifts to Canada is a way to embrace tradition and celebrate the festival across borders;

1. Significance; The Bhai Dooj Thali is a part of the Bhai Dooj celebrations in India. It symbolizes the respect, love and care that sisters hold for their brothers. The Thali typically contains essentials like an oil lamp (diya) vermilion (roli) rice (chawal), as sweets or dry fruits.

By sending a gift of Bhai Dooj Thali to your brother residing in Canada you are not upholding the tradition. Also ensuring the preservation of the cultural significance attached to this festival.

2. Beautifully Crafted and Ornamented; The Bhai Dooj Thalis are intricately. Adorned with colors, mirrors, beads and sequins. They showcase the skills and creativity of craftsmanship. By gifting a Bhai Dooj Thali you not present your brother with a gift but also add an element of elegance and beauty, to his celebrations in Canada.

3. A Complete Gift Package; The Bhai Dooj Thali gift is a package in itself. It combines elements and auspicious items in one platter. Along with the Thali you can include sweets, dry fruits or chocolates based on your brothers preferences. This all inclusive gift package allows your brother to perform the rituals and enjoy the treats in a manner even when he is away from home.

4. Significance; The Bhai Dooj Thali gift holds value as it symbolizes the love and bond shared between siblings. It serves as a reminder of memories and traditions associated with the festival. When you send a Bhai Dooj gift to your brother, in Canada it signifies not sending a material possession but also conveying heartfelt affection and blessings.

5. The convenience of online shopping has made it much easier to send Bhai Dooj Thali gifts to Canada. There are plenty of stores that provide a range of beautifully designed Thalis allowing you to customize the contents as, per your preference. You can browse through designs choose the one that appeals to you and have it delivered hassle free to your brothers doorstep, in Canada.

Not will you be giving him an significant gift but you'll also be establishing a connection, to your shared heritage and customs. The Thali will serve as a reminder of your affection, admiration and the strong bond that exists between you overcoming any distance that separates you.