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The term 'supraphysics' relates to the domain of subtle, all-pervasive forces which underlie material reality. Mana, prana and wak belong to the supraphysical domain and become discernible to us as mind, energy and matter. Specifications of THE REALM OF SUPRAPHYSICS:Mind, Energy & Matter in the Light of the Vedas 01 Edition (Hardcover) BOOK DETAILS Publisher RUPA PUBLICATIONS INDIA PVT LTD. Publication Year 01/01/2003 ISBN-13 9788129102300 ISBN-10 8129102307 Binding Hardcover Number of Pages...
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Kundalini: Aghor by Robert E. Svoboda

Kundalini: Aghor by Robert E. Svoboda

Kundalini: Aghora (Volume - II) is a book on religion and spirituality by Robert E. Svoboda. It narrates the extreme path in which an individual can obtain the identity of a superhuman, or a deity. Specifications of Kundalini: Aghora (Volume - II) 01 Edition (Paperback) BOOK DETAILS Publisher RUPA PUBLICATIONS INDIA PVT LTD. Publication Year 1995 ISBN-13 9788171673438 ISBN-10 8171673430 Binding Paperback Number of Pages 320 Pages FOR DELIVERY ALL OVER THE WORLD FREE Archies Greeting Card ...
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Your Memory: A User's Guide by Alan Baddeley

Your Memory: A User's Guide by Alan...

At the most critical times, especially during negotiations and arguments, memory can fail. Some people can quickly recall faces, but names and dates are easily forgotten. "Your Memory" explains how memory works and how to make it more reliable. This book is full of useful information and advice, and practical exercises for improving the quality and capacity of memory. Combining anecdotes and exercises with scientific developments and statistics, the book presents this complex topic in a highly...
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South Indian Customs by Jagadisa Ayyar P. V.

South Indian Customs by Jagadisa Ayyar...

In this volume that author has dealt with various social customs prevalent in Southern India. He has dealt with a wide range of subjects and has endeavored to give an explanation pertaining to the rationale of the customs. 51 customs have been mention and among them are discussed evil eye, caste marks, prostration before the sun, margosa leaves in front of the houses, marriage ceremonies, use of cow dung, sati, palmistry, yellow robes, purification ring, diets, pollution, inauspicious months...
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Faiths, Fairs and Festivals of India by C H Buck

Faiths, Fairs and Festivals of India by...

This book describes the principal features of msot Indian religions. There is extensive information on Hindu gods and goddesses, supplemented by well-known myths and comparisons with deities in the Roman and Greek pantheons, on pilgrimages, domestic ceremonies, sects and societies, and on festivals across the length and breadth of the country. The book also deals at length with Buddhism, Islam and Zoroastrianism. Specifications of Faiths, Fairs and Festivals of India New edition Edition...
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RAMAYANA by R. C. Dutt

RAMAYANA by R. C. Dutt

One of the oldest literary texts in the country, the Ramayana has had a profound impact on our emotional lives. Innumerable translations, or rather reinterpretations, of the work exist. Generations of poets have delighted in taking up scenes and daubing them with fresh colour.Romesh Dutt's translation is one with a difference where the writer homes in on core incidents and strings them together. To the first time reader it provides a general acquaintance with incidents in the tale, besides a...
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It is estimated that the Bhagwad Gita has been published in more than 2000 editions and translated into at least seventy-five languages. The number of commentaries to the Geeta is similarly plentiful. Why, then, the reader may ask, is there a need for yet another book drawing on the profound message of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita? In the author’s view, the commentaries and translations to date have bypassed the scientific truths contained in the Gita, which is an index of the scientific principles...
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THE GOLDEN LEGEND OF INDIA by William Henry Robinson


King Harischandra's Rajasuya celebrations, including the hundred verses from the Rig-veda are treated herein as a whole. Harischandra is still commemorated as an ancestor in the gatherings of Brahmins. Recital of these verses used to be deemed important and necessary during the coronation of kings of various dynasties in ancient India. The Rig-veda verses herein are arranged to represent the true spirit of language and rituals. Robinson's unique mastery of the subject and language ensures...
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