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THE MEN WHO RULED by Philip Mason

THE MEN WHO RULED by Philip Mason

The Men Who Ruled India depicts an India as seen from the eyes of the British. It is written in two volumes, The Founders in 1953 and The Guardians in 1954. The first volume takes the reader till the Great Indian Mutiny and volume two is the journey till Independence. It gives an overview of all the important events that occurred during the British Raj in India, laying stress on their analysis of how those on the ruling side dealt with them. It gives an insight into the lives of these men, who...
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Historic Lucknow by Sidney Hay

Historic Lucknow by Sidney Hay

A very easy and informative account to the history of Lucknow. The book has 2 aspects one is that it offers a short sketch of the various rulers of Lucknow from Saadat Khan (1732-1739) to Wajid Ali Shah (1847-1856). The book then proceeds to describe the famous landmarks of this wonderful city; in all 35 edifices are described, among them are the Residency, the Alam Bagh, the bridges of Lucknow, Dilkusha Palace, Hazratganj, Machhi Bhawan, Rumi Darwaza the Sher Darwaza etc… The description are...
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