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HINDOOSTAN by Frederic Shoberi

HINDOOSTAN by Frederic Shoberi

        Hindoostan is a major contribution to the study of the encounter between Europeans and non-Europeans in the early colonial period. It is an in-depth analysis of Hindu society, politics and religion, it offers a detailed and systematic study of character, manners, habits and costumes of the Hindu way of life as the author encountered. It is futher embellished by the presence of upwards of one hundred coloured engravings dating back to the year 1822. It records a...
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Historic Lucknow by Sidney Hay

Historic Lucknow by Sidney Hay

A very easy and informative account to the history of Lucknow. The book has 2 aspects one is that it offers a short sketch of the various rulers of Lucknow from Saadat Khan (1732-1739) to Wajid Ali Shah (1847-1856). The book then proceeds to describe the famous landmarks of this wonderful city; in all 35 edifices are described, among them are the Residency, the Alam Bagh, the bridges of Lucknow, Dilkusha Palace, Hazratganj, Machhi Bhawan, Rumi Darwaza the Sher Darwaza etc… The description are...
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Alberuni's India by C.Sachau Dr. Edward

Alberuni's India by C.Sachau Dr. Edward

        A two-volume annotated translation, published in 1887-8, of the work on early medieval Indian life by Muslim polymath Alberuni. Specifications of Alberuni's India (Paperback) BOOK DETAILS Publisher RUPA PUBLICATIONS INDIA PVT LTD. Publication Year 20120524 ISBN-13 9781108047203 ISBN-10 1108047203 Binding Paperback Number of Pages 00440 Pages               FOR DELIVERY ALL OVER THE WORLD FREE Archies Greeting Card FREE...
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Indian Politics by C. Y. Chintamani

Indian Politics by C. Y. Chintamani

Invited by the distinguished Vice Chancellor, S Radhakrishnan, Chief Editor of the Leader, C Y Chintamani delivered a series of lectures in Andhra University in 1935. Slated to be held over three days, the lecture on 'Indian Politics Since the Mutiny', spilled over to four! The seven-hour lecture traced the 'development of public life and political ideas and institutions' of India from 1858 to 1935 - a mammoth attempt, which attracted mass appeal. The book reproduces text of this lecture, which...
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1857:The Oral Tradition by Pankaj Raj

1857:The Oral Tradition by Pankaj Raj

        1857: The Oral Tradition is a unique work, largely using the sources of oral history in various parts of the country to reconstruct aspects of the great uprising of 1857. Through an exploration and analysis of folk songs, folk takes and contemporary regional literature, it examines the contours of the massive revolt in parts of Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bundelkhand, the tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh and Awadh. Specifications of 1857:The Oral Tradition...
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MARVELS OF INDIAN IRON by R Balasubramaniam


The book highlights the glorious tradition of iron making in India by describing the marvelous creations of Indian blacksmiths through the ages. The marvels provide concrete evidence of the exalted status of India’s metallurgical knowledge in ancient and medieval times. Some basic ideas of ancient Indian iron metallurgy are presented in the first chapter. The book then deals with massive iron objects, with special reference to pillars and beams. The most famous example example is the Delhi...
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History of Hindi Literature by F. E. Keay

History of Hindi Literature by F. E....

The purpose of this book is to provide a clear and crisp account of the evolution of Hindi literature. It starts with a chapter on the hindi language and general survey of hindi literature. It begins it contents with the early bardic chronicles (1150-1400), the Bhakti poets (1400-1550), the influence of the mugal court on the literature 1550-1800, the successors of kabir 1550-1800, the cult of Krishna (1550-1800) Bardic and other literature (1550-1880) the modern period 1800- . The book ends by...
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        Collection of major speeches by British officers, primarily Indian politicians and intellectuals. useful reference. Specifications of 100 SIGNIFICANT PRE-INDEPENDENCE SPEECHES 1858-1947-PB (Paperback). BOOK DETAILS Publisher RUPA PUBLICATIONS INDIA PVT LTD. Publication Year 2007-02-02 ISBN-13 9788129109927 ISBN-10 8129109921 Binding Paperback Number of Pages 439 Pages               FOR DELIVERY ALL OVER THE WORLD FREE Archies...
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Hindu World by Benjamin Walker

Hindu World by Benjamin Walker

Never before has the fabulous world of Hinduism been dealt within its entirety in a single work. This book presents the vast pageant of India in all its teeming variety. It is the first general encyclopaedia of Hinduism covering every major aspect of Hindu life and thought, embodying the results of recent scholarship, yet not ignoring the traditional point of view. Of absorbing interest, it will be found to contain a wealth of information not readily available to the general reader. It is...
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A History Of The Sikhs by Khushwant Singh

A History Of The Sikhs by Khushwant...

        A History Of The Sikhs 1839-2004 (Volume - 2), written by Khushwant Singh, was published in 2004 by Oxford University Press. This book chronicles the history of the Sikhs from the year 1839 to to the year 2004. The Sikhs are a martial tribe and have a glorious history of displaying courage and valor. This book covers a crucial period in Sikh history - a period that starts with the state of the Sikh Kingdom after the death of their charismatic leader, Maharajah Ranjit...
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History is the scientific study of the past. Events occurring before the invention of writing systems are considered prehistory. "History" is an umbrella term that relates to past events as well as the memory, discovery, collection, organization, presentation, and interpretation of information about these events.