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Send Bhai Dooj Tikka & Gifts to USA

Free shipping in USA Only. Free shipping to any destination in USA.

Send Thali + Sweets on Bhai Dooj to USA


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German Silver Thali With Besan Shahi Laddoo - 11028 - USA Delive

German Silver Thali With Besan Shahi...

This Gift Hamper comprises of :- • Besan shahi Laddoo 250 gms. • German Silver thali.   FOR DELIVERY IN USA ONLY FREE Tikka, Nariyal (Roli + Chawal). FREE Greeting Card. FREE shipping. Delivery within 3 - 7 working days. Besan Shahi Laddoo :- Best before 10 days of shipping Made from Dry Fruits, Gram Flour Sugar, Cardamom powder, Kesar and Ghee. haldiram's or equivalent
Rs.3,537.00/- Buy Now 
Peacock Marbel Puja Thali With Kaju Barfi 200 gms - USA Delive

Peacock Marbel Puja Thali With Kaju...

This Puja Thali Hamper includes the following : Hand Made MARBLE PUJA THALI having Meenakari work with 2 nos katori for roli chawal and Lord Ganesh image in the center with nariyal. Size : 6" Kaju barfi 200 gms. FOR DELIVERY IN USA ONLY FREE Shipping in USA FREE Greeting Card FREE Roli Tikka Chawal & Nariyal Delivery within 3 - 7 working days Kaju Barfi :- Best before 10 days of shipping Made from cashews, Sugar, Cardamom powder, Kesar and Ghee. haldiram's or equivalent
Rs.3,010.00/-... more info
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Bhai Dooj, a festival celebrated in India is a time to honor the bond, between brothers and sisters. It's a day filled with love, blessings and cherished customs. When separated by distance sending a Bhai Dooj thali and sweets to the USA is a gesture that transcends borders and keeps the essence of this occasion alive. In this description we delve into the importance of the Bhai Dooj thali and the sweetness of the accompanying treats sent to loved ones in the USA.

The Significance of Tradition;

Bhai Dooj is steeped in tradition, where sisters perform aarti for their brothers apply tikka (vermilion) on their foreheads and exchange blessings. At the core of these customs lies the Bhai Dooj thali – an adorned plate that symbolizes love, protection and the unbreakable bond between siblings. This captivating thali carries all the elements required for performing this ceremony.

Decorated Thalis;

Thalis come in styles each with its own unique charm. Some are intricately designed with colors and traditional patterns while others embrace simplicity and grace. Thoughtfully curated Bhai Dooj thalis often include all components for conducting this ritual with authenticity and devotion, among siblings residing in the USA.

An Assortment of Delights;

No Bhai Dooj plate is complete, without a variety of sweets and treats. These delectable treats are thoughtfully included to share the happiness of the occasion and add a touch of sweetness to the ceremony. From sweets like rasgulla gulab jamun and pedas to an assortment of chocolates dried fruits and homemade delicacies these delights symbolize the sweetness of sibling bonds and the joy of celebrating together even when we're far apart.

Sending Love Across Oceans;

Sending a Bhai Dooj plate with sweets to the USA is a way to express your love and dedication to maintaining our traditions even when we're separated by oceans. It goes beyond boundaries. Serves as a tangible reminder of shared memories and enduring affection.


The Bhai Dooj plate along with its accompanying sweets sent to the USA are more than gifts; they represent our traditions, love and the everlasting connection between siblings. They bridge distances, by bringing rituals and delightful moments to life even when families are scattered across the world. This considerate gesture reinforces the timeless love and devotion that bind brothers and sisters together making Bhai Dooj a memorable and meaningful celebration irrespective of how apart loved ones may be.