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Oriental lilies Dark Pink

Oriental lilies Dark Pink

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Oriental lilies dark pink :-

Origin of Oriental Lilies:
The Oriental lilies have been cultivated and found in gardens for over 3000 years. It is native to the lily species of Korea and Japan. The Oriental lily flowers are large, trumpet-shaped, six petal blooms that can grow up to 6 to 9 inches long. There are numerous colors available in the market, and most of these blooms are heavily freckled and spotted inside. The plants can grow to a height of three to five feet. Horticulturists have developed many hybrids of these lilies. Orienpet?which is a hybrid between Oriental and trumpet lilies is one such popular hybrid that is known for its heat resistance and fragrance. Stargazer lily is a popular hybrid of the Oriental group of lilies.

Meaning of Oriental Lilies :
Lilies have traditionally been associated with purity and chastity. The flower is associated with Virgin Mary. In Greek mythology, it is a symbol of motherhood and rebirth as it is believed to be formed from Hera's milk. The Oriental lilies are extremely beautiful and a 'universal symbol for beauty'. They express an air of wealth and decadence. Therefore, they are great as congratulatory gifts for people who have been recently promoted or even those who have found their dream job.
Some of the hybrid types, like the Stargazer lily is the symbol for liberation from obstacles and associated with religious zeal. Known for its purity and innocent beauty, the Oriental lilies is also used as wedding flowers.

Uses of Oriental Lilies:
These lilies have been used to make perfumes. They are also used in cosmetics and facial creams. It helps in slowing the aging process and also works as an anti-wrinkle cream. If you mix the petals of the flower with honey, it will help you get a soft skin.

The large flowers of Oriental lily plants are excellent for bouquets. They are especially popular as bridal bouquets flowers as they express the beauty of the blushing bride. The flowers are available all year round. While the white lily flower is the symbol of purity, the Oriental lily is a beautiful symbol of the purity and beauty.

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