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Organic Clove

Organic Clove
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Spicely Organics' Cloves are dark, blackish-brown in color and shaped like a nail. In fact, they got their name, thanks to their shape, from the Latin word clavus which means nail. Cloves are highly aromatic and when bit into, taste warm and spicy. Cloves contain fiber, vitamins and minerals, so using whole or ground cloves to add flavor to your food can provide some important nutrients. Organic Cloves Whole are the aromatic dried flower buds of the Syzygium Aromatica evergreen tree, known as cloves. Our organic cloves' powerful flavor is a perfect supplement for savory and sweet dishes and hot beverages, and also pairs well with cinnamon and cumin.

Contain Important Nutrients : Cloves are low in calories and provide some fiber, manganese, vitamin K and vitamin C.
High in Antioxidants : Cloves are high in antioxidants, including eugenol and vitamin C, both of which can help reduce oxidative stress.
May Protect Against Cancer : Test-tube studies show that the compounds in cloves may reduce cancer cell growth and promote cancer cell death. More research is needed to confirm these effects in humans.
Can Kill Off Bacteria : Studies show that cloves may promote oral health, thanks to their antimicrobial properties, which may help kill harmful bacteria.
May Improve Liver Health : Some studies show that cloves and the compounds they contain may help reduce oxidative stress and protect the liver.
May Help Regulate Blood Sugar : Test-tube and animal studies have shown that the compounds in cloves may help promote insulin production and lower blood sugar.
May Promote Bone Health : Clove extract and manganese may help increase bone mineral density. More research is needed to confirm these effects.
May Reduce Stomach Ulcers : Some research indicates that the compounds found in cloves could help treat stomach ulcers.

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