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You Can Sell by Shiv Khera

You Can Sell by Shiv Khera
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This is a book on the art of selling, which is not aimed at only sales executives, marketing managers, businessmen, and business management students. It is a book for everyone. Each one of us tries to sell something at one point or another. A salesman trying to sell his product, a candidate applying for a job, a student aiming for college admission, a boy who is trying to impress a girl, and even a housewife who is organizing a party.
After all, at the fundamental level, selling is the art of convincing someone of the perceived value of something. The student is trying to get the university to accept his academic record, the candidate wants the company to see the value of the knowledge and experience he can bring, the boy is trying to convince the girl of his attractive qualities, and he homemaker organizing a party wants people to recognize her social skills and capacity for organizing an event.
Everyone is a salesman at various points in their life. Some just take it up as a profession. So, in effect, everybody could benefit by acquiring the gift of salesmanship, and this is what the book aims to teach.
The author begins with the very simple question of ‘what is selling’, and takes the reader through the entire sales process, with a neatly defined action plan for each stage. The book is expertly structured so that it is a smooth read, one topic flowing neatly into the next.
The book covers the process leading up to the sale, closing the sale, and the after-sales relationship. After all, businesses thrive on good client relationships and this involves following up after the deal has been put through.
It shows the reader how to set goals for themselves, how to follow up on those goals, how to make the potential customer see the value of what is being sold to them, and importantly, how to deal with negative reactions.
This practical manual follows a workbook style, for at the end of each chapter is a set of exercises to workout, to enforce what has been learnt. The text is strengthened by examples from the author’s personal experiences. He has also made use of interesting and appropriate quotes to highlight his points.

This is a book that helps the reader understand exactly what constitutes a sale, the principles and factors that can influence it, and how to acquire the skills necessary to be a good salesman. Ultimately, it gets the reader to act on what they have read by trying out the exercises, and going over the examples given in the books.

Specifications of You Can Sell (paperback)
Publication Year 2012
ISBN-13 9789381626511
ISBN-10 9381626511
Binding Hardcover
Number of Pages 328 Pages

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