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Devil In Pinstripes (Paperback) by Ravi Subramanian

Devil In Pinstripes (Paperback) by Ravi Subramanian
4.5 15

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Summary Of The Book Amit Sharma is a management graduate from the Indian Institute of Management with the usual dream of making it big in a short span of time. He gets picked up by New York International Bank right after his graduation. It is the firm of his dreams, and he is well on his way to realize his ambitions. Amit begins work as a relationship manager at the organization. He has a mentor in Aditya Bhatnagar, the CEO of the bank’s Indian operations. When Amit gets an offer from another big multi-national corporation (MNC), it’s Bhatnagar who convinces him to stay on. Meanwhile, Amit has met, fallen in love with, and married Chanda, a biotechnologist. However, to accommodate her husband’s lifestyle, she gives up her preferred career and ends up working in the banking industry. Amit rises fast through the corporate ranks and soon heads a financial division of the bank. But life takes a terrible twist and certain events take place that leave him enmeshed in a situation that threatens to ruin his career and his life. The story switches timelines in the narration. It goes from an event in the present in a character’s life to the past when the character recalls past events. It is in this way that the main character’s story is revealed. The book, Devil In Pinstripes, has a theme of fraud, involving loans and credits. Other important characters in the book are Aditya Bhatnagar, Amit’s boss and mentor, and Gowri, head of the financial services division of the bank. Both these characters are ambitious and manipulative, and will do anything to further their own careers. The story moves fast and keeps the readers interested as it explores the predicament of Amit and Chanda, and the schemes and manipulations of Aditya and Gowri, who use their colleagues like pawns in a chess game, as they plan their own progress. This book explores office politics, corporate power games, and financial fraud, all entwined into a plot that that is riveting and clever. The characters and the plot have been presented in a way that makes the reader get involved in the story.

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