A JOURNEY OUT OF INDIA 01 Edition by Anna K. Chacko

A JOURNEY OUT OF INDIA 01 Edition by Anna K. Chacko
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A JOURNEY OUT OF INDIA is a touching memoir, which describes the author???s life experiencing the joys and vicissitudes of growing up in a world of affuence followed by a period of privation. The book touches upon many issues relevant in today???s world: childhood, family, identity, sexual awakening, women, culture, and religious differences. Using events, memories, and pain and discovery as multiple colours on her layered palette, the author creates a sensual, impressionistic account of her life as a young woman. The wistfully nostalgic flavour is captured through the eyes of the child raised by a Dalit servant, Lakshmi, who inspires her to pursue her dreams. The surrounding cast of characters includes an imperious grandmother, a resolute mother, a gentle and ineffectual father, and a wealthy and exotic aunt. The central figure is moulded by a smorgasbord of experiences through sexual awakening at the hands of a paternal uncle, disease and death in one of the busiest hospitals in India while studying to become a doctor, and the customary but disastrous traditionally arranged marriage. When her life???s dream of immigrating to the United States is finally realized, she finds that this is a Pyrrhic victory- in the process she has lost her father. The author???s story is an elaborate choreography of life weaving a rich tapestry, culminating in the final product ??? a complex woman who has learned humour and compassion, tolerance and fortitude, empathy and wisdom through suffering, sorrow and mostly laughter.

Specifications of A JOURNEY OUT OF INDIA 01 Edition (Paperback)
Publication Year
ISBN-10 8129110822
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 374 Pages

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