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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by  Dale Carnegie
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Summary Of The Book Worry is a destructive emotion that makes people obsess about the object of the worry, and prevents them from thinking beyond that. It stops people from clearing their mind and trying to arrive at a solution. Instead, worrying becomes the central action. In this book, Dale Carnegie teaches his readers how they can stop worrying with the help of simple techniques that are based on common-sense. In his own summary, he divides the book into eight sections that each teach different ways in which one can stop worrying. Some sections are further explained too. The first section teaches two good concepts - living in the present and acceptance. Worrying mostly involves past memories and fear about the future. Living in the moment helps people avoid worrying and relieves stress. The second point is to examine the situation, think about the worst possible outcome, and then prepare for it. Once the situation and its worst outcome have been accepted, things will not seem so dark anymore. The second section focuses on analysis. It advises the reader to be clear on what exactly the problem is, its causes, and possible solutions. Once a situation is thought through, the mind will begin to concentrate on finding solutions rather than on the problem. The third section shows ways to break the worry habit. The author advices the reader to stop worrying about small things, and to be clear about whether what they are worrying about is based on reality, or is it imagined worry. He then advocates accepting the inevitable. If a thing cannot be changed, worrying about it will not be of any use. In the fourth section, he advises readers to push out negative emotions and fill their minds with positive thoughts and emotions like peace, courage, and hope. Holding grudges and plotting revenge will just lead to unwanted negative consequences. Most importantly, he advices people to focus on what they have and forget about what they don’t have. In Part Five, Carnegie advises his readers to turn to spirituality and prayer to stop worrying. Part Six shows them how to deal with negative criticism. The author asks them to do their very best in whatever enterprise they are involved in, and ignore the negative comments. He also urges them to learn from their own past mistakes. Part Seven shows how people can conquer fatigue and motivate themselves. This section explains the importance of clearing out clutter and prioritizing tasks, and the need for organizing and delegating tasks.

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